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Keeping a food diary is essential when you are having digestion issues. This food diary is good to use for identifying what you eat and the impact on your digestive system. There is an APP available for smart phones that is useful for tracking your diet and symptoms called mySymptoms Food & Symptom Tracker.

This document contains the recommended blood tests to be done after having your Whipple surgery

This document contains information on how to care for a Jackson-Pratt Drain.

This pamphlet contains useful information on how to use your pancreatic enzymes.

This document contains a recommended 2 Phase diet plan to be used after your Whipple surgery

The document contains information on Gastric Dumping and the recommended diet.

This document was compiled by post-Whipple patients and contains useful items to bring to the hospital.

My Medicine Listâ„¢ helps you and your family keep track of everything you take to keep healthy - medications, vitamins, etc. 

This document is a simple guide to traveling safely with your medications.

This document contains useful informaton to help you learn about the surgery, how to prepare for surgery and your care afterwards. Keep in mind this is for your information only and any details concerning the day of your surgery will be contained within any information provided by your doctor or hospital. Not everyone goes into ICU after surgery nor are their incisions closed with staples. Lastly, this particular document only shows the chevron incision but there are actually 3 different types of incisions: midline, chevron and laparoscopic.

This presentation describes the Whipple surgery along with some complications that may arise. 

The Whipple Surgery disrupts our well orchestrated digestive system. This document discusses some of nutritional issues and monitoring that should be done.

This "Life Book" is something we can all do for our loved ones (even if we aren't in the process of dying now). What a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Just modify it for your journey and/or beliefs.

This document provides simple diet modifications that you can make that can help reduce gas and diarrhea issues. 

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